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The AT is about use

The way how we move and hold ourselves, our instrument, attitudes, reactions and emotions. It helps in playing/singing technique, handling stress/stage fright, entering ‘flow’ and harnessing our optimal potential into use.

The AT approach is practical and seemingly physical (compared to for example psychotherapy). However, the body and mind are connected so any changes in the body will influence the mind and vice versa.

Does the AT cure everything?

The Alexander Technique does give surprisingly wide health benefits, but of course all the aids from modern science, medicine and other therapies must be considered and used to find the best solution for each person.Sometimes a combination of therapies is needed for the fastest and best results.

Complaints that require clinical care, medication or operation must be recognized and ruled out. For this I have followed a two-year course “Foundation of Western Medicine”

Intensive periods of AT

I'm on tour big part of the year. For the past years I have been organizing my AT teaching in set periods in music conservatories and also in my private practice. I've noticed that learning the AT in intensive periods of 1-2 weeks is a good way to get results. Definately a lot faster than following 1 lesson/week.

The founder of the AT, F.M Alexander taught many of his students this way. First, he asked the person to read one of his books, then book a hotel close to his studio and come for a lesson every day.

I'm not requiring a book to be read before the lessons, but I'm more than happy to give theoretical information about the AT, if you are interested in it.



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